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May 2016
Thermory Wood Decking is a thermally-modified hardwood product made from American Ash. Thermal modification, an all-natural process developed in Europe, uses heat and steam to enhance wood's stability and durability. Installation is made easier with pre-grooved and end-matched boards and a hidden clip system. MORE INFORMATION

Thermal Modification

  - Uses only heat and steam (no chemicals)
  - Heated to approx 400 degrees fahrenheit
  - Adjusts cell structure

Proven Technology
  - Perfected European thermo-treatment technology
  - In use for 17 years worldwide

  - Removes wood sugars to give 25+ years of resistance to rot & decay (Class 1 durability)
  - Fire-rated & Calfire-WUI approved

  - Chemical-free modification process
  - Sourced from well-managed American & Europen forests

Tech Specs

Thermory® Hidden Clip System Installation
  - Stainless steel hardware
  - Perfect spacing and quick installation
  - Machined side grooves for fasteners

Traditional Installation
  - Face screw with Stainless Steel Sihga Screws
    (pre-drilling not required)

  - Minimal (naturally ages to a rich
platinum gray)
  - Or use UV protectant oil to maintain exotic brown

Sizes Available                        
- 1 x 6 (.79' x 5.9') S4S E4E

- 5/4 x 6 (1.02' x 5.7') S4S E4E
- Grooved or not-grooved / Hidden Clips-100 per box 





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